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2015-03-03 16:37:53 by newgroundsHatesMe

I posted some weird unpolished games under a different name on newgrounds, but I got locked out of the account because: no good reason. Maybe here I'll post stuff that's more conventional, or stuff that's still weird, but is more polished.


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2015-04-06 07:01:03

lol just post music (with no words) then they wont be able to accuse u of anything cause u couldn't of said something offrnsive

newgroundsHatesMe responds:

there actually was a sort of good reason that I was locked out, it was because I posted a game that had popups and was supposed to crash the browser. It didn't have any viruses, though, so there wasn't really any reason for me to get locked out. My previous account was terrytheplatypus.